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Increase Your Home's Value With Bedroom Additions
The more bedrooms a home has, the more it is worth. When people are in the market for a new home, the number one aspect they consider is how many bedrooms they want, along with how many bathrooms. When you first bought your home, it may have contained the right amount of bedrooms for you. However, families begin to change and grow, and their need for space usually increases with time.
So how do you avoid paying high housing prices for a home that has all the bedrooms that you need? Rather than go through the big, expensive hassle of moving your entire life to a new house and a new location, Modular can bring the extra space you require right to your doorstep. By adding a second level or simply by expanding the ground level, you will increase the overall value of your home should you ever decide to sell down the line. As Modular provides their clients the best possible pricing solutions available, you will get a better return on your investment than if you choose any other company.

The reason Modular can offer their services at reduced costs is because they have a completely different construction process than other companies. Modular will prefabricate your second story or home addition offsite in one of our environmentally controlled factories. As sixty percent of the construction process happens away from your home, Modular saves our clients high labor fees. This also means that the stress of home improvements is largely reduced for our clients. Your household will not be greatly disrupted by our construction process.
We offer a variety of different floor plans to choose from. Generally, our second floor template consists of up to three new bedrooms (one being the master) and one new bathroom. Of course this can be altered depending on your needs and how much extra space you require. Our templates can come in 700, 800, 900 and 1000 square feet versions.
Once your new bedrooms are installed, our professional team makes sure that you have everything your new addition requires in terms of heating, plumbing and electricity. Modular will not leave a project half completed. We will even get you started on your decorating scheme by painting and installing your new flooring.

When the final touches are complete, you can immediately start enjoying your new home. Our process is quicker and more cost-effective than any other renovation company in Toronto. We are also available to work all year round, as most of our work happens inside. Our durable additions are able to withstand the worst of the Canadian climate and have a highly impressive outdoor curb appeal.
Modular guarantees that you will be satisfied with your new bedroom additions. Our services and products come with a special warranty and after sale guarantee. Call Modular and find out how we can enhance your lifestyle with extra bedrooms and more square footage.
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